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                                     Selected Awards

Best of Health Online®, a service that helps people make positive changes toward better health, productivity, and effectiveness, has received many awards during the past 10 years.

DrinkRight - If You Drink Alcohol Drink Wisely! 
Best of Health
new online module has received The Fall/Winter 2005 World Wide Web Health Award.

Outstanding Interface to the Web Award at the Healthy People 2010 Conference and Technology Games hosted by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Winner of Technology Games 2000

Outstanding User Interface for the Web Award

Best of Health Online, LIFELINE International

Judges comments:
A sophisticated employee wellness program with an excellent user interface.








Best of Health
Online® was selected as a winner in the fall 1999 World Wide Web Health Award.  It received a Gold Award for Health Promotion/Disease & Injury Prevention Information.  It was also judged to be Most Innovative Site and Best Interactive Site.


Best of Health Online® includes a monthly online health newsletter and interactive questionnaires on Assess Your Health, Reduce Stress, Check for Depression, Take Care of Your Back, Eat Healthy, Get Fit and Stop Smoking.  Immediate, online scoring and quality heath and safety education modules are currently available.   Our service is constantly evolving with new modules expected soon on Ergonomics, Balance Mind & Body, and Drink Well.


“We were delighted to participate in the World Wide Web Health Awards Program and were honored to be selected as a winner,” said Kailash Narayan, President of LIFELINE International, the company that has developed Best of Health Online in a highly strategic alliance with world-renowned professionals and several leading-edge companies.  “Our winning entry was among the nearly 200 entries judged by an international panel of health information and Web experts.”




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